Jack in the Box has a bone to pick with Martha Stewart in this LOL-worthy Super Bowl commercial

Jack in the Box and Martha Stewart sure have some beef in this upcoming Super Bowl commercial!

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In the LOL-worthy clip, the domestic goddess herself stars in a spoof of her previous hit television series, “Martha Stewart Living,” called “Martha Stewart Live,” and she introduces a new chicken sandwich to the audience.

“There you have it. A beautiful Banh Mi inspired fried chicken sandwich,” she said. “You would never find this at a fast food restaurant. It’s a good thing.”

An irate Jack Box (the fast food chain’s mascot) stormed into the studio and confronted Stewart, saying his new “food truck inspired” chicken sandwich could go up against hers any day.

“Security! Get him!” Stewart demanded, and a security team grabbed the fast food mascot.

“What? Are you afraid someone in the fast food world is going to show you up?” he teased.

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That’s when the fighting words really got heated. Stewart took her earrings off, placing them on the table before going nose-to-nose with Jack. “You really want to go to war with me, Jack?” she threatened.

“What are you going to do? Tuck me into bed and read me a cookbook?” he taunted.

Stewart retaliated by taking off his nose, and panic ensued. After a “WTF?!” out of Jack, the broadcast cut out briefly before returning to the scene. After popping his nose back into place, Jack asked, “So are you going to try the sandwich, Martha?

“Get him outta here!” she said as the mascot was dragged out of the studio, threatening to make this feud go viral.

Tune in this Sunday for more #JACKvsMartha during Super Bowl LII.

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