Macaulay Culkin shut it down when asked about his relationship with goddaughter Paris Jackson

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Videos by Rare

Macaulay Culkin has been open about many things in his life, but his relationship with Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, is totally off limits.

The former child star appeared on the WTF podcast and dished about many of his darkest moments including the alleged abuse he endured as a child and his relationship with the late King of Pop. But, when it came to talking about Paris, he kept tight-lipped.

“I am close with Paris,” he said and continued, “I’m going to warn you now I am very protective of her so just look out. I am a very open book when it comes to things but like with her, she is beloved by me…”

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When podcast host Marc Maron insisted he wasn’t looking for dirt, Culkin pressed, “I’m just letting you know if we want to start going down that road it’s going to be a dead end you know, but I mean that in the fact that I love her so much.”

With that, the conversation moved on.

Fans of Jackson know she has been open about the time she spends with Culkin and in July of last year, she showed off matching tattoos they got after a weekend of bonding.

The duo didn’t divulge the meaning behind the tiny spoon tattoos at the time.

In August, she shared image on her Snapchat with Culkin, this time, to celebrate his 37th birthday.

“HAPPY BURFDAY,” she wrote on along with a throwback photo of her and Culkin. “I LOVE YOU…make 37 your B**CH.”

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