Mama June and her new man are taking a huge step forward in their relationship after just a few months

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After just a few months of dating, Mama June Shannon and her new boyfriend Geno are getting serious and are ready to take things to the next level — moving in together.

On Friday night’s episode of “From Not to Hot,” Mama June introduced her new man to her daughters and even suggested that he move in with the family. While on a date, Geno mentioned that he was having a hard time apartment hunting, and Mama June quickly made it clear he could make himself at home anytime.

“Well baby, there’s always room — I have tons of room at my house,” she said.

Geno, on the other hand, didn’t seem quite ready to make the leap, saying, “I hear a bunch of screaming every day? Negative. You’re going way too quick with that shit … I spent the night. You’re talking about moving in and shit. No, that’s way too quick. I appreciate it, but that’s fucking way way way — I just met the kids. I appreciate it, I really do, but I need an apartment.”

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“Geno’s right. For the last two years, it’s just been me and Alana and Pumpkin. The last man that we lived with was Sugar Bear, and we’re still getting over that disaster. The more I think about it, we’re not ready for no man to move in,” Mama June admitted. “And plus, it’s about to get real crowded in there with Pumpkin’s baby on the way.”

Later in the episode, however, things take a drastic turn when Mama June returns home to find her daughter Pumpkin moving her boyfriend Josh into their house without her permission.

“If you want to have your little boyfriend moving in with you, I’m going to have my little boyfriend move in and we’re just going to be a happy family,” the matriarch said to Pumpkin, Josh and Geno. “She wants to act like she can just move her little boyfriend in and shit like that. Fine, Josh can move in but baby, you’re moving in, too. Go get your shit and welcome to the family baby!”

While he seemed hesitant earlier on, Geno quickly made himself at home, and Mama June declared, “Now we have two men that’s in the house, and I went from having two kids in the house to having four kids in the house.”

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