Martha Stewart Will Launch Her New Podcast With Longtime Friend, Snoop Dogg

Martha Stewart, who has been interviewed countless times for other podcasts, is launching her first original podcast series, The Martha Stewart Podcast. The podcast is being produced in partnership with iHeartRadio and is set to premiere on June 22. The 80 year old will be interviewing a wide range of influential people that she’s come across during her career.

Some of the guests slated to join Stewart are Alex Rodriguez, Kris Jenner, “plant explorer” Dan Hinkley and Stewart’s friends and creative collaborators Kevin Sharkey and Douglas Friedman just to name a few. Of all of the guests that have been mentioned, it’s her first guest that is receiving the most attention.

Stewart’s first guest will be her friend and business partner Snoop Dogg

Stewart’s first guest will be her friend and business partner Snoop Dogg. They have famously become friends over the years and have worked together on several projects.

The unlikely duo have made several television appearances over the years, including the 2016 VH1 series Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. They followed that up a few years later with Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge. And have also starred together in a T-Mobile commercial for Super Bowl LI. Earlier this year the two co-hosted The Puppy Bowl XVII, which aired on Animal Planet and streamed on Discovery+.

“Every time I go anywhere all they want to know is ‘How’s Snoop?'”

An introduction to Stewart’s podcast teases the Snoop Dogg appearance and sheds a little light on how people around them react to their relationship.

“Every time I go anywhere all they want to know is ‘How’s Snoop?,'” Stewart says.

Snoop replies, “You don’t think I get approached all the time by people that say ‘Do you think you can get me a picture of Martha; do you think you can get an autograph?'”

Stewart has enjoyed a lengthy career with multiple best selling books as well as a successful magazine, Martha Stewart Living. In addition to that she had two syndicated television programs Martha Stewart Living and Martha. That doesn’t even include all of the projects with Snoop Dogg and other specials that she’s been a part of.

All of Stewart’s success created what once was valued at a billion dollar business empire. Today her net worth is estimated at around $400 million.

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