Mom of eight Kate Gosselin gets emotional at the thought of having an empty nest one day

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kate Gosselin has enjoyed a house full of children for the past 16 years, but her eight kids are growing up and will be graduating high school in a few years to take the next steps in their lives. The proud mom just can’t take the thought of having an empty house.

“It’s official: all teenagers. And it’s the day I feared since the day they were born,” Gosselin says in regard to her sextuplets’ thirteenth birthday in May during a promo video for “Kate Plus 8.” “To think that when the little kids are in college and my house is empty? I can’t fathom it.”

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As her youngest kids enter their teens, Gosselin, who is also mom to 16-year-old twins, has been forced to face the fact that they will leave the house one day. With her empty-nesting days ahead of her, her children have been pushing her to get back into dating in the meantime, something she hasn’t done much of since divorcing the father of her children Jon Gosselin nearly eight years ago.

“Now, more than ever, my kids actually are getting annoyed that I’m still single,” she admits in the promo video. “If I had the avenue, I’m all in.”

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