The music video for Pentatonix’s song “Coldest Winter” is going to completely break your heart YouTube/Pentonix
YouTube/Pentatonix (Coldest Winter)

Poor Frosty!

Pentatonix broke our hearts with this release of their music video for “Coldest Winter.”

The sad story tells the tale of a snowman and snowwoman at the end of their relationship. The cameras pan across their home and photos of happier times, but it’s clear the snowwoman is ready to move on from her man.

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Eventually, she leaves him (dare we say, out in the cold), and all he has are the memories.

Like any breakup, the snowman takes things pretty hard as his world comes crashing down around him. Grab the tissues!

Of course, Pentatonix blew us away with this performance, but we’re just not sure we can get past this heartbreaking video!

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