Tom Cruise just posted a picture from “Mission: Impossible 6” — and it turned into meme gold

Tom Cruise/Twitter

The sixth movie in the incredibly successful “Mission: Impossible” franchise hits theaters in July 2018, but the film’s star has already generated a bunch of free publicity for it by frequently destroying his aging body on set.

But the free publicity doesn’t end with Cruise’s broken bones. The movie star recently shared an image from “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” that got a lot of people talking due to its uncanny resemblance to an iconic meme.

Tom took to Twitter Saturday to share a photo in which a character played by a mustachioed Henry Cavill can be seen walking away from Angela Bassett’s character, who has turned her head to watch him leave.

Looks familiar doesn’t it?

Remember the instant classic “distracted boyfriend” meme?! If you spent even one second of time on the internet in 2017, there’s a good chance you saw this meme in one form or another. What began life as a fairly innocuous — although slightly odd — stock photo of a man checking out another woman (who looks very similar to his current partner) ended up becoming one of the most memed images of the year when Twitter users decided to run amok by customizing it.

Clearly, its popularity proves that it’s the meme that just keeps giving, and meme fans just couldn’t help but make comparisons between the photo shared by Cruise and the aforementioned “Distracted Boyfriend” meme that took the internet by storm not so long ago.

And naturally, they had a field day

Other users also made fun of the fact that producers of 2017’s “Justice League” movie — in which Henry Cavill plays Superman — were forced to digitally remove the actor’s mustache, which he was unable to shave because he was shooting “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” at the same time.

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