Country star addresses breakup in a series of cryptic social media posts Instagram/@jenniferwayne

Breaking up is hard to do, there was even a song that said as much. But when it comes to celebrity breakups, the difficulty is often even greater. A public breakup is under the magnifying glass as outsiders speculate as to the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out and sometimes try to create a story where one might not exist.

Last week we learned of the heartbreaking split between country newbies William Michael Morgan and Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne. In joint statements, the couple said they had called off their engagement and that it was a mutual agreement. It sounded innocuous enough.

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However, in a series of cryptic posts to her social media page, Jennifer Wayne offered more insight into the breakup. It appears that it may have happened a few days before their gracious announcement and there may be more to the story.

On her Twitter page, Jennifer posted a photo of her precious pup and commented, “Sad night for me. Betrayal of trust is a real blow.”

Jen’s good pal, Jana Kramer, then shared this tweet after the official announcement:

Jennifer began opening up a little more after the statement had been issued. On April 8, she shared another photo of her ringless and beautifully manicured hand on her Instagram page. She then quoted lyrics from Runaway June’s hit single, “Lipstick” — “If you’re gonna love somebody—yeah you better love somebody who ruins your lipstick not your mascara.”


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Many of Jen’s celebrity pals, like Jana Kramer and Mickey Guyton, chimed in with comments, including Lauren Alaina’s short and sassy, “Oh snap!”

On April 9, Jen shared a meme on Instagram that said, “Boyfriends are cool and stuff…but have you ever had garlic bread?”

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The comment garnered a stream of giggles from supporters, and Lauren, the princess of the pun, chimed in again with “Garlic bread never strays. It sticks to you like butter.”

Time heals all wounds, but with friends like Jennifer’s, maybe the time will pass a little faster.

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