Delta Air Lines kicked Ann Coulter out of her pre-booked, extra legroom seat — and Twitter had an absolute field day

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Videos by Rare

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter had an airline-inspired Twitter freakout on Saturday evening. To be fair to Coulter, it sounds like she experienced quite an ordeal. Apparently, the Delta Air Lines forced her to vacate the extra legroom seat that she had pre-booked, so that someone else could sit in it.

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These were just a few of many tweets sent out by Coulter after the incident, and it’s safe to say she was not happy. But if you’re familiar with Coulter, you’ll know that she’s a fairly controversial figure who gets under the skin of many people from all sides of the political spectrum — so nobody was particularly surprised when a large section of the Twitterverse began to incessantly mock her during, and after the meltdown.

Poor Ann couldn’t catch a break! First she gets kicked out of he precious extra legroom seat, then she gets bombarded with snarky — but hilarious — tweets from professional comedians and wannabe professional comedians.

Sadly, not everyone was as original as the people above. Way too many people grabbed that low-hanging fruit — but let’s be real, sometimes the low hanging fruit tastes the sweetest.

Get it, guys? Ann Coulter is a witch and witches use brooms to fly!

So. Many. Broom jokes.

Seriously, search “Ann Coulter broom” on Twitter. You’re in for a treat!

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