They always say, “Don’t get mad, get even!”

That’s exactly what Kent “Flounder” Dorfman (Stephen Furst) decided to do when he stole Doug Neidermeyer’s (Mark Metcalf) horse with the help of John “Bluto” Blutarsky (John Belushi) and D-Day (Bruce McGill).

After kidnapping the horse, Blutarsky and D-Day convince Dorfman to really get even with Neidermeyer, he has to kill it. After reluctantly taking the gun from D-Day, Dorfman makes his way back in the office to kill the animal.

But the horse wouldn’t go down without a fight and seems to scare Dorfman. Instead of killing the horse, Dorfman pulls the trigger and shoots the blank at the ceiling. When they hear a loud thud, Blutarsky and D-Day run into the office to find the horse dead on the floor.

“Holy shit!” Blutarsky says.

“There were blanks in that gun!” D-Day exclaims..

“I didn’t even point the gun at him!” Dorfam yells.

“Holy shit!” Blutarsky repeats.

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“There are blanks in this gun!” D-Day confirms.

“Maybe he had a heart attack!” Dorfman adds.

“Holy shit!” Blutarsky exclaims once more.

On Saturday, Stephen Furst reportedly died from complications of diabetes. He was 63 years old.

“To truly honor him, do not cry for the loss of Stephen Furst,” his family wrote on Facebook. “But rather, enjoy memories of all the times he made you snicker, laugh, or even snort to your own embarrassment.”

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