On Thursday night, the Chicago Cubs faced off with the Arizona Diamondbacks in a game that lasted seemingly forever. According to the New York Daily News, the rain delay went on for 2 hours and 35 minutes. It was long enough for both teams to go through all their sunflower seeds and bubblegum and, at the peak of boredom, the players broke out into a dance battle in the bullpen.

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There were some seriously admirable moves in this little party. Our favorite moment is probably when the Cubbies donned some obscure masks and heckled their competitors. Though it does raise the question — why do they have all these disguises just lying around?

But the Diamondbacks definitely their shining moments. Their rendition of a bobsled team was pretty impressive and might just have won the day. In the baseball game itself the D-Backs managed to squeak out a 10-8 victory.

If these guys ever find themselves out of the majors, they can definitely pick up some time on “Dancing with the Stars.”

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