Jimmy Kimmel releases a sneak peak of his newest addition to “The Bachelor” family YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

First it was “The Baby Bachelor.” Then it was “The Baby Bachelorette.” Now, it’s “The Baby Bachelor in Paradise.

On Thursday Night, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” aired a sneak peak of the newest addition to the show’s “Bachelor” family. Following little children as they try to find true love, the satirical bits poke fun at the trio of ABC shows they’re modeled after.

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“Starting Monday, we take one more weird, adorable and perfectly logical step,” Jimmy Kimmel says before the teaser for “The Baby Bachelor in Paradise” airs.

The sneak peek reveals that the bit will be full of passion, drama, fighting, napping, tantrums and more “on the most shocking first season of ‘The Baby Bachelor in Paradise’ ever.”

The bit will premiere on Monday’s episode of the show to coincide with the finale of “The Bachelorette.”

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