11 fun facts about the classic Chevrolet Camaro

Ever since it was introduced by Chevrolet in the ’60s, the Camaro has been one of America’s favorite vehicles in both the classic and modern era.

Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about the classic Chevy Camaro.

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  1. The Camaro first went on sale September 1, 1966.
  2. It was Chevy’s competing model to the Ford Mustang.
  3. After the Corvair, Chelle, Chevy 2, and Corvette, Chevy wanted to keep with the trend of starting vehicle names with the letter C.
  4. The name Camaro does not actually mean anything, but some have speculated that the name is Spanish for a virus that kills horses (primarily Mustangs).
  5. In 1967, Chevy sold over 220,000 Camaros. They cost between $2,881 and $3,539.
  6. Chevy wanted a road racing edition of the Camaro; thus, the Z/28 was born in 1967.
  7. Between 1975 and 1989, the International Race of Champions (IROC) used nothing but Camaros for their race.
  8. The second generation of the Camaro (1970-1981) was inspired by Ferraris of the 1960s.
  9. Chevy stopped production of the Camaro in 2002, only to bring it back in force in 2009.
  10. Bumblebee from the movie ‘Transformers” was a yellow 1977 Camaro.
  11. The newer iterations of the Camaro have made it one of the bestselling cars of the modern era.

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