The perfect DIY Father’s Day gift is this cologne made of a little essential oil and a lot of love

Last week, I showed you how to use essential oils to refresh your toilet. But did you know they can also be used to make cologne?

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This Father’s Day, instead of buying Dad a bottle of expensive fragrance, gather a diffuser and your favorite essential oils, and make your own! Homemade gifts are always more meaningful, and this one can even be customized to perfectly suit your dad!

I got this idea from Little Miss Dexterous.

Every cologne you make will have the same base:

  • 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil
  • 5 drops jojoba oil
  • 5 drops vitamin E oil

Next, you add the fun part — the good-smelling oils! I whipped up this scent for Tyson (who’s a dad):

Tyson’s Prince Charming Cologne

  • 8 drops grapefruit oil
  • 4 drops lemon oil
  • 2 drops bergamot oil
  • 4 drops vetiver oil
  • 3 drops Texas cedarwood oil

Tyson wanted to make his own cologne, so I let him go wild. Unfortunately, he went a little too wild:

Tyson’s Custom Cologne (don’t make this)

  • 3 drops frankincense
  • 3 drops rosemary oil
  • 2 drops teatree oil
  • 4 drops cinnamon oil

Once Tyson got a whiff of his creation, he agreed with me that “recipes are important.”

What essential oils would you use in your perfect cologne?

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