Forget the Filet-O-Fish — McDonald’s is adding a “crabbier” seafood dish to its menu McDonald's / Brand Eating
(McDonald's / Brand Eating)

Certain McDonald’s locations in New England offer a seasonal lobster roll. Not to be outdone, some West Coast franchises recently added a Crab Sandwich to the menu.

The dish is the first of its kind for a fast-food chain, according to The Mercury News. “Top Chef” contestant Ryan Scott helped McDonald’s develop the Crab Sandwich, which “features snow crab blended with seasoned mayonnaise and diced celery, served with tomato slices and romaine lettuce atop a toasted sourdough bun that’s been brushed with herb butter.”

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Four restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area are the first to serve the sandwich:

  • 3509 Homestead Road, Santa Clara
  • 2191 Monterey Road, San Jose
  • 2699 Union Avenue, San Jose
  • 4838 San Felipe Road, San Jose

If it sells well, McDonald’s will launch it at all 200-plus restaurants in the area.

Here are some of the craziest McDonald’s dishes from around the world:

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