If your Pinterest-inspired baking turns out as a fail, here’s how to fix it Facebook / Tasty
(Facebook / Tasty)

If your baking always seems to turn out less than perfect, here?s how to cover it up so no one is the wiser. And in some cases, you might even end up with a dessert that’s better than the one you were making in the first place.

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If your cheesecake comes out of the oven with a huge crack through the center, simply whip up a sour cream topping to cover the mess. Adding jam turns the whole thing into a marbled masterpiece.

You can easily turn your crumbled cake into cake balls. Everybody loves those delicious little things anyways.

Flat cupcakes make perfect layers for a cake-in-a-jar, which is a dessert you should try if you haven?t.

See, problem solved! Thanks, Tasty.

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