This Ice Cream Shop Made a Thanksgiving Dinner in 5 Ice Cream Flavors

You read that right, Salt & Straw, an ice cream company based out of Portland, Oregon, has developed an ice cream flavor that tastes like your Thanksgiving Dinner. This season, Salt & Straw is featuring a “Thanksgiving Dinner of Ice Cream” in each of their stores.

From starting up as a stand-alone ice cream stand, Salt & Straw has grown its shops to Los Angeles and San Fransisco. While it’s only on the West Coast, for now, let’s cross our fingers it makes its way to Texas soon. Until then, you can always join their pint of the month club or even buy the November seasonal pints online from their store.

1. Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans

This ice cream begins with roasted sweet potatoes mashed with cream and sugar. Oregon pecans are mixed with maple syrup and then hand-churned ribbons of marshmallow fluff are swirled into the ice cream, making it over-the-top good.

2. Roasted Cranberry Sauce Sorbet

What’s Thanksgiving without a side of tangy cranberry sauce? This ice cream brings cranberry flavor to the forefront with roasted cranberries, cranberry juice, and candied cranberry jam all harvested from Washington’s Starvation Alley Farms.

3. Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing

No Southern Thanksgiving table is complete without cornbread stuffing. The ice cream is infused with fresh sage and crunchy cornbread brown sugar shortbread cookies. And an added splash of peach vinegar and spiced peach jam make this Southern favorite complete.

4. Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey

To make this ice cream, turkey stock is mixed with sugar, spices and onions, and cooked down until a caramel forms.

Furthermore, turkey skin is roasted and candied then folded into the salted caramel turkey ice cream.

5. Spiced Goat Cheese & Pumpkin Pie

End your Thanksgiving meal with this goat cheese ice cream swirled with mashed pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices.

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