You’ve Probably Been Using Your Cheese Grater All Wrong

Whether you are making a mean batch of macaroni and cheese or frying up a plate of hash browns, you’ll need to use a box grater or cheese grater to prepare your ingredients. The kitchen utensil, which has been in kitchen cabinets since the 1540’s, has always been the tool of choice to cut hard cheese into smaller pieces. It is also a giant pain in the butt to use, especially when it decides to cut off small slices of your fingertips and fingernails.

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However, did you know there is a smarter way to use your sharp stainless steel grater? Yep. The internet has spoken up once more (remember how they told us how to use a can opener?) and social media shared their cheese grater hacks to help us from tiring ourselves out on our box cheese grater.

You’ve probably set up your cheese grater standing on its base on a plate or cutting board. Using your arm in a sideways motion you grated the cheese, creating a mountain of shreds on the plate and stuck to the cheese grater.

One Twitter user changed the game when they turned the grater on its side, making it easier to clean and safer to use. It’s one of the best kitchen hacks we’ve seen all year.

Not only does this ingenious hack aid in keeping this cheese tool non-slip, but it also is an easier way to grate a mountain of cheese without tiring out.

Simply coat the food grater with a bit of cooking spray to help the cheese release easily from the kitchen gadget. Genius.

Although not everyone was appreciative of this cooking hack. Some Twitter users piped up to share that using a one-sided grater and positioning the cheese over a large bowl is the easiest way to grate cheese. Pooey, we’ll take on this new hack with gusto.

This article was originally published on October 17, 2018.

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