From skyscrapers to alpacas: City couple fulfills their dream of running an alpaca farm Getty: Christopher Furlong / Staff
KNUTSFORD, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 13: Alpacas graze on a field owned by farmer Khanikhah Guy at her country small holding on December 12, 2007, near the village of Pickmere, Knutsford, England. Alpacas are part of the camelids family and originate from the Andes. They are much sought after for their wool and coats which make high quality clothes and garments. Khanikhah's products and animals have become popular with the affluent and celebrity set of Cheshire with Alpacas becoming the latest new designer pet and costing up to GBP 5000. Socks made from the wool are her top selling Christmas present from her Artemis Alpacas Farm Shop. Shearing of the animals wool is done annually by a skilled shearer who flies to the UK from New Zealand. None of her animals are slaughtered for their fleeces and are only used after a natural death. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Could you go from the hustle and bustle of a big city to a small farm with more than 30 alpacas?

Well, that is exactly what Holly Williams and her husband, Courtney, decided to do when they left Atlanta for the small town of Blairsville, Ga. The couple knew they wanted to get back to the farm lifestyle that made them happy, so creating Lasso the Moon Alpaca Farm was a no-brainer.

When Holly is not creating beautifully unique alpaca scarves from the fiber of her animals, she is making glass beads in her studio that overlooks the farm. According to her:

“The alpaca scarves are so much fun to make and help show how remarkable alpaca fiber really is. We have a lot of people come to the farm to take a one-day class on how to make an alpaca scarf. It really is a lot of fun. Another one of my passions is creating jewelry. When I’m making glass beads, and I’m playing with fire- it’s just mesmerizing. I absolutely love what I do. I have such a wonderful life. I really am so blessed.”

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When you drive up the gravel path that leads to Holly’s workshop, you will be greeted by a pack of friendly dogs that reside on the farm. Once you get past the excited pups, you will take notice to the line of ducks walking into the pasture, or the few chickens roaming along the side of the barn. Some alpacas peacefully sunbathe in the pasture, while others graze in the shade.

No matter what direction you look, Lasso The Moon Alpaca Farm is simply stunning. It’s not surprising why Holly and Courtney are so excited to get up every morning; they are constantly living their lifelong dream.

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