Need some zzzs during the day? These 7 companies allow you to sleep on the job

Athena Dogias takes a nap in a sleep pod in a central business district office building in Sydney, Tuesday, May 16, 2006. Busy workers are invited to put their feet up for 20 minutes to rejuvenate and relax in style while listening to music in the dome-shaped pod. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

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Videos by Rare

In today’s go-go-go world, it’s easy to lose out on sleep.

Luckily for these employees of these companies, they can make up for that lack of rest during the workday.

Here are seven major companies that allow workers to nap on the job.

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Google and Cisco both offer sleeping pods, while Zappos has a dedicated nap room. Nike’s headquarters also has quiet rooms where employees can sleep or meditate.

People who work at Uber can spend some time in select offices where they’re allowed to nap. And professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers invited sleep experts to its office to speak with employees about the importance of getting enough rest.

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