‘Only Murders…’ Set To Return, Selena Gomez Has New Love Interest

Image from Vanity Fair.

Only Murders In The Building appears to be returning on June 28 and while much of the cast remains right where they left off — with Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) just happening upon Mabel (Selena Gomez) holding the dead body of their neighbor, Bunny — there will be a new addition to the group.

That addition will be a controversial love interest for Gomez, namely actress Cara Delevingne. To make matters worse the show will also play host to appearances by Amy Schumer. Of course, Tina Fey is also set to return playing the true-crime podcaster, Cinda Canning.

Back to that love interest thing though. Apparently, Mabel is set to meet Alice — an art-gallery owner played by Cara Delevingne — who guides Mabel to the conclusion to question her sexuality.

In real life Gomez and Delevingne are longtime friends which should bringing some instant comfort on screen — or be a little odd, since they are friends?

“It was amazing to have the two of them know each other and feel comfortable,” showrunner John Hoffman told Vanity Fair. “It’s a little sparky in all the right ways that make you feel like, oh, someone’s opening someone’s world.”

He continued that the entire vibe of the new season brings about a different feel to the way they wanted to tell the story.

Take a look at an in-depth story on Vanity Fair, including this image.

“A whole theme of the season is being framed, and then reframing everything for the world at large to understand what happened to this woman in this building,” Hoffman says. “The emotional stories for our three main characters—that is our true connective tissue, in a world where a mystery television series tends to delve not so deeply a lot of times.”

Only Murders In The Building premieres on Hulu on 28 June, if you are still interested.

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