A century of joy: Advice and wisdom from a 104-year-old woman

When you’ve lived more than a century and raised nine children, you know a thing or two about life. Just ask Mary Rowlings.

“I am 104 years old!” she says with a laugh.

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Rowlings lives at Brightview White Marsh in Nottingham, Md., where her laughter and joy are contagious. She understands the value of education, which may be one of the reasons why she seems so young.

“I didn’t go to college, but I keep up with everything that’s connected with college and everything else,” she says.

It runs in the family. All three of Rowlings’ daughters are retired teachers. Her six sons, meanwhile, proudly served their country.

“Two in the Air Force and the rest were in the Army,” she says. “No Navy, just the Army.”

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Nine children may seem like a lot, but Rowlings is actually one of 12 siblings. Her mother “has nine girls and three boys,” and their childhoods were full of joy.

“We had good times, Sunday meals, cookouts,” she says. “That was my life.”

Now, at age 104, she continues to enjoy life — and she has a little advice for those hoping to live as long as she has:

“I keep very busy. Whenever they say ‘come do this,’ I’m going… I think that keeping busy keeps you active. As long as you got up here [your mind], you keep using it.”

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