If your kitchen drawers and cabinets are busting at the seams, here’s a simple way to clear out a little space: move your spices out.

Magnetic spice jars stick your collection to the side of the fridge, giving them a clean, uniform look. Putting the names in big letters on the sides makes it easy to find exactly what you need quickly. It’s also easier to keep them in alphabetical order if you can slide them around on the side of the fridge.

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Here’s what you’ll need to convert your spice rack:

  • labels
  • emblem tape — from an auto store
  • mini glass jars
  • magnets
  • hair dryer

You can find emblem tape at an auto parts store. Sounds serious, but it’s important that the magnets are attached to the jars really well because you’ll be fighting against the magnetic force when pulling them off the fridge.

You’ll have to heat up the jar surface before attaching the emblem tape, but that will make the bond super strong.


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