The Wait is Over! Buc-ee’s Will Finally Open in Denton, Texas!

It’s here! The wonderful store where you can get anything and everything is finally opening its doors in the city of Denton! The general counsel of Buc-ee’s Jeff Nadalo stated Buc-ee’s will open its doors by Halloween! Yes, so close yet so far. The opening date was originally said to be late Summer 2018, however, billboards around town say 2019. Little did they know, it would take less time for the chain store to win over the town!

The 55,000 square foot center will have 122 fueling positions, a car wash, and an unlimited amount of snacks and food. The site is located along the southbound Interstate 35E frontage road near the intersection with Brinker Road. Denton City Council passed a tax rebate for the iconic pit stop (currently only in Texas) in December 2015. Only 20 miles south of the Denton Location of Buc-ee’s is the Fort Worth site, which opened in May 2016.

After two years of construction located on Interstate 35, it will open its doors on October 29th. To celebrate the opening, the store will have an event for first responders with free food and drinks on Friday, Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., but unfortunately, attendees won’t be able to purchase any merchandise at the event.

The store is still in the hiring process, but one of the perks of working at the store is the high pay! Wages range from $14 to $19 per hour depending on the position, including available 40 hour-plus work weeks, a 401 (k) plan and three weeks of paid time off. As if we needed another reason to love the store!

Buc-ee’s is known for its low gas prices, clean restrooms, vast rows of gas pumps, a wide selection of snacks and their delicious jerky and fudge. Honestly, I don’t know how people who don’t live in Texas survive without it. It’s safe to say the beloved ‘beaver store’ holds a special place in the heart of every traveling Texan.

The chain inspires such a loyalty to travelers that they even sell their own version of t-shirts embroidered with its beaver mascot, featuring a cheeky slogan! Also, it’s not uncommon to see yellow bumper stickers around Texas roads urging you to “follow them to Buc-ee’s”. That’s how much Texans love it! The store carries everything from throw blankets, cups, infant onesies, cups, you name it….the beaver is there!

Founded in 1982, Buc-ee’s has expanded to 32 locations, all located in Texas. They are all specially placed an hour or so outside of major city center like Dallas and Austin, and most serve as the first or last stop on a trip out of town. Safe to say the chain is a fan favorite when it comes to road trips!

I mean, it’s crazy to think how many assortments of food, branded and otherwise there is at the store! Buc-ee’s most well know the packaged item is Beaver Nuggets, a sweet crunchy corn snack with a floor reminiscent of caramel.  But, there are hundreds and hundreds of bags of Beaver Nuggets, along with a variety of nuts, trail mix, and dried fruits and vegetables just waiting to be eating.

That’s not all! The store also has an entire wall of gummy candies, followed by another section of butterscotch, taffy, gumballs, peel logs, fruits of Texas’s state tree, cream-filled candy, jellies, pickles, jalapeno Texas queso,…you name it! Told you…everything and anything.

For all my Non-Texas friend out there, it might be worth a trip just to experience the wonderful convenience store. What makes Buc-ee’s, Buc-ee’s, is, well….it’s Buc-ee’s. Always there and always the same.

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