Channing Tatum embraces his inner Beyoncé (with help!) in a fierce “Lip Sync Battle” performance

Editor’s Note: If you want to jump straight to Channing Tatum in a wig singing Beyoncé, jump to the 1:56 mark — but we highly recommend watching the entire clip!

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Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum have long been one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood, but their performance on the Jan. 7 episode of “Lip Sync Battle” takes the notion of #relationshipgoals to a whole new level. The couple went head-to-head in a dance battle on the most recent episode of the show.

To start things off, Jenna channeled her inner “Magic Mike” and performed Channing Tatum’s routine to the hit song “Pony” from the first movie that became synonymous with the strip club franchise. If you need a refresh, here is Channing performing the original version in the movie:


Jenna is an amazing dancer in her own right, so it’s no surprise that she nails her hubby’s routine! The look on Channing’s face when she pulls him onto the stage for a provocative little lap dance is too good — also, Chrissy Teigen darn near loses her mind when Jenna gets into a hand stand and starts twerking. She tops off the steamy performance by ripping off her shirt and OMG, those abs!

Having wowed the crowd into a frenzy, Channing had some big shoes to fill following his wife’s incredible performance, and he didn’t disappoint.

Enter Channing wearing a wig of long, flowing diva hair, mounted atop a horse. He gets off the horse and dives right into Beyoncé’s fab choreography to “Run the World (Girls)”! Just when the audience thought things couldn’t get any better, out walked Queen Bey herself.

Beyoncé and Chanyoncé finish up the routine together for a “Lip Sync Battle” no one will ever want to forget!

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