Glen Powell Says They’re Looking at Making a Third ‘Top Gun’ Film

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Top Gun: Maverick has been so well received that the film’s producers are already considering a third installment.

“Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise said that of all the movies they’ve done, they’ve never had this much goodwill around a movie,” Glen Powell told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s played with everybody, and it’s very rare that a movie is this big and this emotional. So it has really struck a chord with everybody, which is amazing.”

So a threequel is a definite possibility, or maybe a spinoff?

“I actually sat down with Joe, Jerry and Tom, and there’s no doubt that everybody would want to put the flight suit back on and return to this,” Powell said. “I think it’s a question of, “Can we beat it? Is there a story to tell? Are there ways to push the limits in the same way that we did in this one and give meaning to returning to that world?” So I know that everybody’s minds are on it, and we definitely have the best minds in the world trying to figure it out.”

In 2018, Powell auditioned for the role of Goose’s (Anthony Edwards) son in Top Gun: Maverick. The part eventually went to Miles Teller, but the movie’s producers offered Powell the role of Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin. Powell turned it down.

“The way it was originally written, I didn’t consider him to be a great pilot or a personality that I engaged with all that much,” Powell said. “He didn’t have any redemption. He just sort of faded off into the sunset. He didn’t make the mission, he had a terrible reaction to it and you never heard from him again.”

But the Maverick brain trust refused to give up on Powell as they rewatched the original film and came back to him with an updated take on Hangman.

“So they pitched me that [savior] moment, and it really did get my gears turning to go, ‘Okay, this is not just Draco Malfoy in the Navy. This is a guy who’s really going to have something to do and something to say.’ You’re rooting for that moment when you watch it. You don’t feel completion if that moment doesn’t exist, so to speak,” Powell said.

Top Gun: Maverick dominated the box office Memorial Day weekend with a projected $160.5 million haul in North America over the four days. The film grossed $284.5 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

Maybe they could solve the mystery of the pilot who mysteriously died filming the first movie that is still unsolved…

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