One of Jared Fogle’s victims is speaking out and the details of her assault are tough to hear

Analissa was only 14-years-old when she became one of Jared Fogle’s victims in a child pornography scandal. The now 16-year-old is breaking her silence on the matter, telling Dr. Phil that she feels guilty because she “enjoyed the attention.”

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The Subway pitchman teamed up with his good friend Russell Taylor to help target children coming and spending time at Taylor’s Indianapolis home in order to seduce them with alcohol in hopes to get them on camera naked. Taylor was secretly using cameras to record the home, including in the bedroom and bathroom.

Analissa admits that she had a “weird feeling of something going on, but at the time [she] didn’t really understand that.” She reveals, “[Taylor] asked if I had ever experienced an orgasm, and just had me convinced to have sex with him at 16.”

Dr. Phil then asked the young girl some difficult questions, “It sounds like during that time he was able to tear down some of the boundaries of privacy. How far did that go? Did he get you comfortable with walking around less dressed than you would be otherwise?”

“Yes,” replies Analissa. “We never really just normally walked around with no clothes on, but he’d come in and try to catch something. He kind of looked happy or aroused.”

“Did he come in when you were naked?” Dr.Phil asks.

“Yes,” says Analissa. “He’d stay for about a minute or so, but then we’d shut the door.”

“He took my happiness, he took my trust, he took my pride, everything,” says the now-16-year-old about Taylor. “I feel so low. I feel like nothing.” And Analissa admits that she often blames herself, “I do, a lot. I know now that wasn’t right for me to act that way. I know it wasn’t right to drink alcohol. I know it wasn’t right to let someone see you in no clothes and to let someone just talk to you that way. And I do blame myself a lot because I feel like I fed into it by letting him talk to me that way.”

Dr. Phil probes, “Do you feel guilty because you enjoyed the attention?” Analissa says, “Absolutely. I do. I eat myself up over it every day.”

But Dr. Phil assures the young lady that none of this was her fault. “It’s important that you understand something. It’s an unfair battle. Because you take a child that is emotionally not fully developed, and you bring in a cold, calculating adult, and this adult has the power and uses that power to seduce the child. To ply the child with alcohol, to treat the child with such things as approval, acceptance and affection, and uses all of that currency to seduce that child. You are wrong to feel guilty about that. There are victims and there are perpetrators in crime. You were the victim. He was the perpetrator. This was not your fault.”

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