Sped-up footage of a pregnant mother really shows the miracle inside

It’s alive! And pretty darn restless too. Ryan and Debi Cragun posted this amazing footage of their baby moving around in his mother’s belly. Moving around is really kind of an understatement. This is more like prenatal Zumba or babies gone wild. What’s going on in there little guy or gal? Ready to come out? A little advance notice is always appreciated with these delicate matters.

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Remember when we thought it was a big deal when a very pregnant Demi Moore posed for the cover of Vanity Fair? My, how times have changed.

Apparently both expectant mom and dad had some free time on their hands. Quite a bit of it. They condensed what was three hours of film into a minute and a half, and the results are astounding. Thanks for that. Watch and be amazed. Also try not to think about any of those Alien movies because yuck! The circle of life is a beautiful thing, ask any lion cub or king.

Good choice on the music Mr. and Ms. Cragun, it’s tasteful but not too sweet and it kind of seems like baby is moving to the beat, though it’s probably really the other way around. We hear babies like Mozart too. This little gymnast may be making his or her own music as he or she gyrates around the nursery.

At one point in the video, you can see baby Toren’s profile. There are also some helpful graphics in case you’re not sure which end is up. It’s not easy to tell especially if this is your first pregnancy video. Baby steps! Pregnancy is an amazing thing. Especially someone else’s.

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