Pedro Pascal on ‘Hot Ones’ is The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day!

Pedro Pascal has had quite a year, breaking the internet numerous times thanks to his impressive performances in popular shows like HBO’s “The Last of Us” and Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” as well as his memorable voice on SNL “oh mah gah” character. Oh, and let’s not forget his endearing bond with co-star Bella Ramsey.

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Adding to the hype, Pascal’s decided to break the internet even more, appearing on First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” has captured the attention of his fans which has fans laughing the day away.

“I wonder how much of this will get caught on my astonishing mustache,” he first stated, while looking a the camera.

Pedro Pascal on ‘Hot Ones’

Pascal’s charismatic persona shines through as he takes on the challenge of devouring spicy wings. Throughout the interview, he offers both lighthearted banter and thoughtful insights into his on-screen performances, Mexican cuisine, and musical preferences. Pascal even shares the song he hopes will be played at his funeral, which is “Purple Rain” by Prince. However, at one point, he jokingly calls out host Sean Evans for the show’s sinister story arc and sudden shift in heat intensity, exclaiming, “You tell me I’m doing well, then you try to kill me.”

As the heat of the wings intensifies, the actor’s witty one-liners only get better. He humorously asks, “Has anyone ever projectile vomited during this?” saying, “I’m learning about where all my nerve endings are.” Pascal also hilariously stated, “Can someone get me a cup of blood?” and playfully adds, “I’m gonna go to the Whitney Museum this afternoon…unless I shit myself.”

The best part of the interview was when Pascal provided some behind the scene info on working with the two distinct puppets, and their respective puppeteers, that bring Baby Yoda to life on set.

Baby Yoda/ Grogu

“There’s two [Grogu’s],” Pascal stated. “One is remote, and you can carry him around, and his head will move around, ears, turn toward you as you’re holding him and stuff like that, and kind of be alive. And then, for a good close-up, he’s connected to you know… The Pentagon. It’s like these wires. That’s where you get the really detailed eyebrow movements and eyeballs kind of moving around and he’s a very cooperative and fulfilling scene partner, acting partner. It’s pretty crazy.”

Pascal explained that maneuvering Grogu requires an incredible level of detail and skill, making it feel almost as if he is acting with a real character. The feeling reportedly is only intensified during emotional scenes, such as Mando and Grogu’s tearful goodbye in the season 2 finale.

“[I was] getting praise for ‘Oh my gosh, you have such subtle emotion and you’re dealing with a puppet,” Pascal recalls of the response to the scene. “And I’m like….’ This puppet is making me cry.’”

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