When customers went to the kitchen to complain, Gordon Ramsay stood up for his staff in the best way

In an early episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hells Kitchen,” cameras caught the British chef going ballistic on a group of customers who went to the open air kitchen counter to complain about the wait on their food.

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The clip, which more likely than not was staged or dramatized for production, shows what happens when Ramsay is interrupted while cooking, and people begin badgering his staff.

“Nothing upsets Chef Ramsay more than when customers come to the kitchen,” the show’s voiceover track explains.

When one of the women returns to the serving station to ask Ramsay to apologize for being rude, Ramsay takes things to the next level.

One YouTube compilation pulled together many of these moments, that shows what happens when Ramsay is bothered.

Customers seemed to take advantage of the open air kitchen shown on the program, and continuously badgered Ramsay.

Staged or not staged, it’s always good to keep in mind, never complain about your food to a chef especially when he is very busy.

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