A year after Joey Feek’s death, her daughter takes her first steps

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March 4 will mark the first anniversary of Joey Feek’s death. And on that day, many of her loved ones will undoubtedly honor the day in some way.

But by the looks of this video, Indiana will mark the day in the most miraculous of ways.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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And that’s because little Indiana is growing up before our very eyes. On Feb. 24, proud daddy Rory shared a heartwarming video showing her journey to walking, and Joey+Rory fans couldn’t help but rejoice.

“I had started writing a blog post about Indy learning to walk, but in the end, decided to just show her journey instead,” Rory captioned the video. “Her sisters and I are so proud of her.”

Oh, and so are we!

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Throughout the video, you can’t help but notice Rory in the background, encouraging her with words such as “come all the way here” and “oh wow, you are doing really good, Indy!” And oh how you can feel the emotion of those hugs Indiana is given when she reaches her destination.

But maybe most of all, Joey+Rory fans can feel just how proud Joey would have been of her daughter on days like this. And fans can imagine the smile on Joey’s face as she watched her daughter hit such a huge milestone.

Because God knows she’s watching.

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