Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets sappy over new wife Amy


Dale Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t necessarily looking for love on the day he met his now wife Amy.

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“My first impression was that I was looking at the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Dale during his weekly podcast that he recorded alongside Amy, whom he married on New Year’s Eve in 2016 and honeymooned with in 2017.

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“I can say that with all sincerity because as soon as I saw you I was like, ‘Holy cow, who is this?’”

During the same podcast, Amy was also asked about the circumstances of her first meeting with Dale and her impression of the superstar NASCAR driver.

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“When I first met Dale, it was in a meeting ironically about his home, which I was part of the design group,” Amy recalled. “We had a meeting at JR Motorsports. I was on the floor underneath his dog Killer who was loving all over me and Dale actually had to pull the dog off of me and pull me up off the floor to say hello and introduce himself, so my first impression of Dale was that he was a gentleman and your hair was not as red as I thought. It’s really interesting to meet celebrities in general because you think you know what they look like based on what you see on TV.”

That sounds like a great story to tell the future kids one day.

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