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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

God knows we all need a break every once in a while, especially if you are a famous NASCAR driver that keeps finding herself in the midst of controversy. And on June 13, Danica Patrick showed fans how she takes a break from it all — yoga.


“Evening flows yo. doing a little @cyogalab backbend flow practice,” she wrote on her Instagram page, captioning a video. “I was told by @stenhousejr not to workout today because I had another wonderful post race migraine last night and it was still there this morning……so I listened. Thanks babe. .I great practice is to set an intention for the day. And I don’t do it everyday but I do it every time I meditate in the morning. (So do more of that Danica:thinking_face:) Mine was to respect my body today. But it can be anything. Peace, happiness, be calm, surrender, let go…..anything you think you need to work on. Try it.”

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Of course, fans immediately weighed in on the video that showed off her strength and physique while she demonstrated her various yoga poses. “Your body is a beautiful machine” and “I can feel my back spasm just watching this,” a couple of fans said.

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And then there were fans that took it a little too far.

“Bendy girls rule,” one wrote.

There’s always one in the bunch.

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