Keith Urban’s request from a fan left Nicole Kidman speechless

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Like any big-named celebrity, Keith Urban has had his fair share of odd fan requests. But there’s one in particular that he’ll never forget.

The country music star stopped by BBC America’s “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday, May 19, where he told a story about a woman who once requested an autograph on her prosthetic leg.

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“Years ago, I was doing a concert in this big venue, and somebody in the crowd yelled out, ‘Will you sign my leg?’” Keith explained, during the sit down interview, while sitting alongside his famous wife, Nicole Kidman.

At the time, Keith and Nicole weren’t married. And he thought the moment between him and the female fan would be fun. So he invited her up to the stage. “I thought it would be a good moment. So I’m like, ‘Yeah! Come on up here!’” Keith recalled.

Despite his warm and welcoming invite, the fan “lobbed the prosthetic leg on to the stage” instead and watched with excitement as her favorite country star picked it up.

“It landed with a thump. So, I picked it up and signed it,” Keith said.

He, then, recalled his confusion after writing his name down in cursive lettering, “Then I thought, ‘What’s the correct prosthetic leg returning etiquette?’ Do you throw it? Do you crowd surf it? Do you say, ‘Hop up here?’” He joked.

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In the end, Keith decided to crowd surf the leg back to the pleased fan. “She attached it back, and [the crowd cheered.]” he said.

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