46- Massive Pileup Leaves Four Dead in Winter Storm

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Four people have died, as well as several have been injured in a massive car crash that involved at least 46 vehicles. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the crash occurred in the eastbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike in Erie Country.

A stretch of the website lanes of the turnpike had reopened at around 11 pm, at least 12 hours after the incident. The Eastbound lanes still remained closed.

Highway patrol stated that fifteen commercial vehicles were cleared from the turnpike late Friday night. But, they noted the “white-out conditions persist.”

46- Massive Pileup

According to the agency, buses were used to take people from the horrible crash site to a local facility so people could stay warm and safe. Several photos of the incident were posted on Twitter, which showed a black pickup on top of the pileup. Several other images showed managed semi trucks as well as several vehicles crushed between a trailer and a median.

“The weather outside is not favorable, and oftentimes there are whiteout conditions, which does not make it safe for travel,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Purpura stated on Twitter. He went on to urge people to stay home and be safe if they had to drive. This includes moving slowly and allowing space between cars. There still hasn’t been word from authority if where there were people killed or the status of those injured. 

The news of the pileup comes after several thousand flights were canceled across the country due to severe weather.  Chicago O’Hare, New York La Guardia, Detroit, Seattle and Denver are the lead airports that have been canceling flights due to the winter storms. The US is expecting its coldest Christmas Eve to date, with experts describing the weather as a “Bomb Cyclone.” The cyclone is described as a storm created when low-pressure and high-pressure masses of air close, which then cause pressure in the low-pressure mass to descend at a quick pace. 

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