A Teenager Was Hospitalized After Getting a USB Cable Stuck Inside His Penis

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Why does this keep happening? What is I with teenagers and basically sticking things up their penis? Like, is it a fetish? I feel like I’m hella late to the party for some reason. Basically, a very dumb and naive teenager was forced to go to the hospital. This after he got a USB cable stuck up his penis.

Yes, you read that right. I have lost faith in teenagers. The whole incident was first documented in a urology case report by Science Direct back in November of 2021. The 15-year-old boy arrived at the hospital saying he was originally trying to use the cable to measure the inside of his penis. Womp, womp.

Teenager Gets USB Cable Stuck in His Penis

Science Direct

But, according to doctors, the cable became so tangled and knotted while it was inside, which caused him to lose blood through his own urine. “The two distal ports of the USB wire were found to be protruding from the external urethral meatus whilst the middle part of the knotted wire remained within the urethra. The patient was an otherwise fit and healthy adolescent with no history of mental health disorders,” doctors wrote in the report.

The teenager was then taken to a medical facility by his mom and confessed that when she was out of the room, her son used a cable instead of a ruler. This was a nearly “sexual experimentation.” In an attempt to get the cable out, they used a metal rod but were ultimately unsuccessful since the knotting.

So, they were forced to cut the poor dumb kid open and retrieve it. OUCH. Apparently, doctors were forced to cut open between the genitalia and the anus so they could access the cable. In the report, medical experts stated, “A longitudinal peno-scrotal incision over the palpable foreign body was made and careful dissection was undertaken through deeper tissues, splitting the bulbospongiosus muscle. Both ends of the wire were pulled out successfully through the external urethral meatus.”

A Bloody Mess

Science Direct

They added, “Both ends of the wire were pulled out successfully through the external urethral meatus.” Thankfully, the young man recovered from surgery and was later discharged a few days after. Still, this poor boy was scared for life.

Believe it or not, doctors admit that cases like this aren’t out of the ordinary, and they do get quite a lot of cases involving something…well stuck inside a person.  “Sexual experimentation and gratification, as well as underlying mental disorders, are considered the main causes of retained foreign bodies in the urethra and bladder. Management varies depending on the shape and size of the object, and the mechanism of insertion,” they noted.

I hope this kid learned his lesson. Also, how the HECK to you get a USB cable in through a tiny hole?

What do you think?

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