A woman is in jail after allegedly leaving her baby in a steaming car, forcing police to smash in her window

inform/WFIE - Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

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Videos by Rare

Thirty-five-year-old Kelly Decorrevont is facing charges of child neglect and possession of marijuana after she left her baby in a car on Monday afternoon. Bystanders eventually called the police, who arrived and smashed in the window with a crowbar so they could rescue the child.

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The scene, which unfolded in a Walmart parking lot in Evansville, Ind., was captured on video. According to the arrest affidavit, the 4-month-old was left alone in the car for over two hours, WFIE reported. Inside Decorrevont’s car, police also found a burnt cigarette that tested positive for marijuana, which the mother admitted to smoking.

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The mother seemed unwilling to take responsibility for the incident, instead blaming her teenage daughter, who she said must have locked the baby in the car. The infant was taken to the hospital and put in the custody of Child Protective Services.

In court on Tuesday afternoon, Decorrevont reportedly showed little remorse. Her bond was set at $750 cash, and she is scheduled to appear in court again on Friday.

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