After what could have been a fatal crash, grateful father thanks “God’s hand”

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Martin Molina said he doesn’t have any idea how his son, daughter and three grandchildren survived what should’ve been a deadly highway crash Saturday.

WXMI reports he’s settling on divine intervention.

“From the reports I got, they didn’t think that there were going to be any survivors,” Molina said. “It was God’s hand that just took care of them.”

His son Martin Molina Jr. was behind the wheel when he lost control and the vehicle crashed into a parked fire truck, which was there responding to another accident.

“My grandkids, being that it crushed on my son, protected my grandkids,” the elder Molina said. “Those seats went back and just covered them. That was God’s hand.”

All five are still recovering with various injuries. Daughter Brandy Grigsby suffered head trauma, while two grandchildren suffered broken collar bones. Martin Molina Sr. said the accident should serve as a warning ahead of winter driving. It was snowing at the time of the crash.

“Be aware. Be aware and slow down,” he said. “This is winter time, and we need to slow down.”

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