An “In God We Trust” sign is causing a serious uproar in one town

Crowds protest and support an "In God We Trust" in Wentzville, Mo. (@alexiszotos/Twitter)

It’s found on American currency. It can be seen in one Missouri town’s government chambers. And all it’s done is cause heated debate.

A sign bearing the words “In God We Trust” in the Wentzville city government chambers has led to an intense divide. As explained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the fight over the sign became worse when neighboring Maryland Heights resident Sally Hunt was escorted by two police officers out of a city council meeting at the direction of Mayor Nick Guccione. Hunt is opposed to the sign and had come to the meeting to speak against its display. When she ran out of time, Guccione made her leave.

According to KMOV, Guccione said he had to stand by his decision to remove Hunt from the meeting the way he did.

“Maybe in hindsight, I should have given a warning to sit down, but you know what, I make a decision, and I have to stand by it,” he said.

While the sign has overwhelming support in the town, several residents expressed displeasure either with the sign or with the way Hunt was removed from the meeting.

The divided opinions on the sign became clear as the public comments section of the meeting began.

“When I heard our national motto was under question or under attack, I wanted to come here. I’m only one person, but I can pray,” said resident Mary Lou Rogers, according to KMOV. Rogers supports the display of the sign.

Angie Molleck disagrees. She told reporters, “Religion is something personal. It should be at home. The people who are representing the people of Wentzville need to represent all of them; not everybody is a Christian.”

“I will not take it down. I will stand strong on it. I do believe it’s our national motto and it promotes patriotism,” Guccione has since said of the ordeal.

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