A Pennsylvania man who posted an ad on Craigslist seeking “companionship” got more than he planned for when three people showed up with weapons and attempted to kidnap him.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, told NBC10 that after he posted the Craigslist ad, suspect Lara Mountz contacted him. The two agreed to meet at the victim’s apartment in Lansdale, Pennsylvania (a Philadelphia suburb) and then go to a casino.

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The victim tells NBC10 that Mountz “showed up to my apartment and we were talking for a couple minutes and I got nervous […] And next thing you know I got a gun pulled from the back of my head.” Lansdale Police Department investigators say that Mountz and two accomplices – a man and another woman – then attempted to kidnap him. He escaped and called 911, according to the police report.

The element of surprise may have worked against the victim.

In a statement made to NBC10, the victim described the kidnapping as “a scary thing,” adding, “You wouldn’t expect to get held up by a female,” despite the fact that women make up nearly half the human population worldwide. (World Bank, 2015). “I guess that’s what happens,” said the candidly sexist man. “You’ve got evil people out there.” It is unclear whether the victim is just now grasping the reality that men and women are equally capable of crimes.

Mountz might be equally capable, but she’s not guilty of anything. At least, that’s her side of the story. In a phone call with NBC10, she told the news station that she was aware of the warrant out for her arrest, but wouldn’t be turning herself in, as she did nothing wrong. She’s now on the run, along with her accomplices.

Besides, she told the news station, “Only an idiot would turn herself in.”

The Lansdale Police Department is appealing to the public for information and leads in this case. Contact them at 267-642-9418 and at

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