Well over 6 million Florida residents are currently without power in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s destructive path through the state.

While many are prepared for dark days with flashlights and candles, finding ways to pass the time can often prove a harder feat. With the power of creativity, some have found things to do as they wait days — and in some cases, potentially weeks — for the power to come back:

1. Play a lantern-lit board game

This one is pretty standard.

2. Start an electricity dead pool

Looks like Grandpa Paul lost.

3. Discover a new way to cook breakfast

Though this looks a little dangerous.

4. Sing a song about the power

[wpvideo f07trIuY]



5. Hang out with their family

Even this.

6. And even if the power isn’t out, catch up on some drinking

Which is always an appropriate response.

If anyone is without power and has a cell phone that’s about to die, The Weather Channel explains how to charge a phone without a generator.

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