Neighbors hate her: woman reported six times in three months for loud sex says she’s proud of it


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Olga Valerio loves sex — loud sex in particular. And now she’s finally making it known that she’s the one creating the cacophony apparently heard all over New York City — or at least throughout her apartment building.

Valerio, 49, told the New York Post, that she and her 26-year-old lover, Byron Perez, are responsible for the most 311-hotline complaints in the city for loud sex. This goes back two years when the 2015 DNAinfo report named her fourth-floor apartment in Brooklyn as being home to the city’s highest number of complaints for really loud sex.

The report, citing city data, claimed neighbors complained six times in a three-month period because of their over-the-top moaning and groaning and bumping and grinding.

At the time of the report, Valerio and Perez were not named. And, in fact, according to the Post, many assumed that it was Valerio’s 31-year-old daughter Dahiana Valerio who was making the sexual ruckus, because she was staying with her mother briefly around that time.

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Now, because of those rumors, Olga Valerio said she was coming forward to set the record straight.

“It’s natural; it’s normal,” Valerio, a mother of four, told the Post in an interview alongside her much-younger boyfriend. “I never thought that this would happen, but it happened. I didn’t know that we were doing it too loud!”

Her lover, Perez, said he had no idea that they were causing such a commotion, although he did acknowledge that they used to leave the bedroom window open when they decided to get busy.

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They now close the window.

Perez is the handyman in Valerio’s building. One night about five years ago, she told the newspaper, she was taking out the trash when she bumped into him in the building’s courtyard. He started to flirt with her and said “all kinds of good stuff,” she recalled.

From there, one thing led to another. At the time the report came out, Valerio said she was reluctant to come forward for fear of being ridiculed for having a lover nearly half her age.

“I don’t feel old, but people start to talk, you know? I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in that kind of situation,” she told the Post. “At the beginning I was so embarrassed, but now I’m OK with it. I said, ‘If I need to tell the whole story, I’ll do it.’ I’m doing this for Dahiana.”

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