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As Hurricane Florence makes landfall authorities expect significant flooding from storm surges and heavy rainfall. Some of the estimates are flat out ridiculous. Up to nine feet of flooding is possible in some areas of South Carolina and North Carolina. Enough to drown Shaquille O’Neal and a toddler standing on his shoulders, to use a scientific metric.

The Weather Channel’s Ryan Davidson shared a recent clip of his illustrating just how intense the flooding could be, and the graphics used paint a pretty grim and scary picture of what this flooding could look like if your home — or you — are caught in it. Watch and try not to feel a little anxious, especially near the end. (You can’t.)

Needless to say, if you’re on the Carolina coast, head for higher ground and stay safe. Currently, Hurricane Florence is parked on top of almost the entirety of the North Carolina coast as well as a large portion of the South Carolina coast as well. Storm surges are already submerging homes and towns.

According to’s radar prediction, the rain from Hurricane Florence projects to intensify further as the storm continues to sit on the Carolina coast for at least the rest of the day and keeps dumping.

These floods are no joke. If you’re in an area that’s been ordered to evacuate then, well, GTFO! I’ve never done it personally but I have to imagine that sitting on your roof in the cold rain as the furiously raging river that used to be your street sweeps away trees and cars and shakes your house isn’t too fun. Oh and there’s no swimming out of that. Your options are just, “sit and wait for the helicopter” and/or “drown.” Not exactly a buffet of great choices. So, again, if you’re in the path of Hurricane Florence and serious flooding or storm surges are predicted, please leave.


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