Keith Richards just pissed off millions of rap fans by saying this about the art form

As he prepares to release a solo album later this month, the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards tossed out a few zingers about contemporary music and musicians.

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Richard told the New York Daily News that rock today “sounds like a dull thud… with no bounce, no lift, no syncopation.”

And heavy metal? Ow.

“Millions are in love with Metallica and Black Sabbath,” Richards said in the interview. “I just thought they were great jokes.”

How about rap? Ouch, again.

“What rap did that was impressive was to show there are so many tone-deaf people out there,” he said. “All they need is a drum beat and somebody yelling over it and they’re happy. There’s an enormous market for people who can’t tell one note from another.”

Just a few weeks ago, Richards sort of trash-talked some of the Beatles’ music in a Rolling Stone interview.

Richards’ solo album is due Sept. 18. It’s his first solo release in 23 years. The record was inspired by reggae, rock, country and the blues, according to a press release.

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