Marshalls Online Store Opening Flickr: Mike Mozart
Flickr: Mike Mozart

If you love Marshalls and online shopping, today is your lucky day. The brand announced this week that it would open its very own online store. The store, with its hodgepodge collection of kitchenware, clothes, and more, will expand its shopping experience into e-commerce. While does exist, users can only find the store locator, gift card information, and a few other features right now. Details are sparse about the online store’s debut, but it’s expected to open during the back half of this year.

Marshalls, owned by TJX Companies and sister stores to TJ Maxx, is known for its surprising new finds, but don’t expect the same exact merchandise online as your local store. CEO Ernie Herman told investors, via Bloomberg, that the brand considers the online store to be complimentary to the Marshalls experience. This makes sense when you consider the variety of Marshalls’ different stores.

Fans will still be able to enjoy cross-shopping in the real store as Marshalls confirmed that the online store will not replace its brick-and-mortar stores. Overall, this next surprise for the brand is a welcome one. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I skip Marshalls just because I’m not in the mood to rifle through the racks and racks of latest finds. It’ll be fantastic to use their online service, skip the long lines, and shop without wearing pants.

Will you use the online store when it’s available or do you prefer going to the actual store? As more and more shopping brands in the United States turn digital, it’s clear that online shopping will continue to dominate. For now, I’ll be dreaming of the home goods and clothing deals that are sure to be online. Get ready, discount shoppers! Your day is coming.


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