This model seems to like one part of her body best, and we’re OK with that

Rosey Sin has an interesting last name. She’s a model and and make-up artist who has appeared in a number of different magazines — and it appears, from her Instagram account, she’s found of one particular part of the body. Can you guess which one it is?

Videos by Rare

[protected-iframe id=”770635e4dd7ef5296c58fe78be3d8233-46934866-52393465″ info=”//” class=”instagram-media”]

[protected-iframe id=”9ad3a78f1aa902720524b59e311449ee-46934866-52393465″ info=”//” class=”instagram-media”]

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[protected-iframe id=”7eefc19ee696380e740d982c0fab6574-46934866-52393465″ info=”//” class=”instagram-media”]

[protected-iframe id=”a9c84f325424f0d19f10ce54f8d6eb21-46934866-52393465″ info=”//” class=”instagram-media”]

[protected-iframe id=”151ec84bb689c445302c68d1a3ab6fc0-46934866-52393465″ info=”//” class=”instagram-media”]

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