6-Year-Old Shot Dead After Mom Flips Off Driver in Road Rage Incident

A tragedy ensued in California, as a 6-year-old boy was shot while in his booster seat while his mother was driving him to school. Aiden Leos, a kindergartner in Yorba Linda in Orange County, was riding in the back of his mother’s car when a road rage incident resulting in him losing his life.

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Aiden’s mother, Joanna Cloonan, had been driving northbound on the 55 freeway, when a white Sedan containing a male and female, cut her off. According to witnesses, she apparently gave the car her middle finger before merging away from them. But right before she thought the altercation was over, she hear a gunshot, finding that Aiden had been shot. She said, “As I started to merge away from them, I heard a really loud noise. And my son said, ‘Ow,’ and I had to pull over. And he got shot.”

6-Year-Old Boy Shot in Road Rage Shooting

When Joanna pulled over, she saw that a bullet had pierced the trunk of her car and hit Aiden while he was in his booster seat. She tearfully explained the panic that she went through as she tried to tend to the wound while the ambulance was on its way, saying, “I pulled over and I took him out of the car and I tried to put my hand on his wounds while calling 911. Because he was losing a lot of blood.”

Hauntingly, Aiden’s last words to Joanna were, “Mommy, my tummy hurts.”

And after he got to Children’s Hospital of Orange County, he was later pronounced dead. Aiden’s family members started a GoFundMe page that has raised almost $250k, with $50k planned to award anyone who can help catch the murderers who did this. Alexis Cloonan, Aiden’s older sister, said, “Please help us find the people that did this to my little brother,. He’s only six and he was so sweet. He was a very loving boy so please help us find who did this to him.”

AIden’s Family Asks for Help in Finding Justice

The California Highway Patrol officers ruled the situation as an “isolated road-rage behavior, and police officers are asking that if anyone who might have dashcam or cellphone video footage, to help find the people responsible for this freeway shooting. No apparent road rage should end in taking someone’s life.

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