A record number of pedestrians were killed in Houston last year, and two recent accidents have shocked the city

Harris County Sheriff's Department Sgt. D.J. Hilborn, right, walks away from the scene of a multiple shooting Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015, in Houston. Eight people were found dead inside a home following the arrest of David Conley, who exchanged gunfire with police, Texas authorities said Sunday. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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Videos by Rare

The deaths of two Houstonians in traffic-related incidents have rocked the city.

Earlier this week, a 7-year-old was fatally run over by a truck in an apartment parking lot while riding his skateboard.

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The driver, a mother with her three children in the car at the time, said she did not see the boy because he was riding the skateboard lying down.

The Chronicle interviewed authorities following the incident. No charges are expected to be filed for the accident.

Earlier this year, another Houstonian was tragically killed in a traffic-related accident.

Marjorie Corcoran, a Rice scientist, was hit by the Metro light rail on her way to the university around 8:15 a.m.

It is unclear if Corcoran had earphones in at the time of collision, but Metro officials say the train had the right-of-way when she was struck.

“She was very concerned about what was best for the students – both our undergraduate students and our graduate students. She always had an open door – both for her students and her colleagues,” her colleague, Professor Doug Natelson recounted in an interview.

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More than 70 pedestrians died as a result of traffic accidents across Houston last year.

Keep your eyes on the road, and stay safe, y’all.

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