Football was clearly on the mind of one U.S. Representative from Texas during yesterday’s Intelligence Committee hearing with FBI Director Comey

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(The exchange happens at 1:47:08)

On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a hearing on evidence related to Russian influence over the 2016 election with FBI Director James Comey.

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Members each took their turn questioning the director on his bureau’s findings, but TX-11 Rep. Mike Conaway couldn’t miss a chance to share what is always on Texans’ minds – football.

As a graduate of Odessa Permian High School – the high school from “Friday Night Lights”  – Conaway grew up on the field, and it’s clear he won’t be forgetting his red dirt upbringing anytime soon.

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The FBI may never know the answer to Conaway’s question about who Putin wanted to win the election, but Comey confidently knew who he wanted to win in a showdown between Texas Tech and UT: “Whoever the Red Raiders are playing, you want the Red Raiders to win.”

It is unclear how much influence Russia has over Lubbock or Austin, because both town’s teams had abysmal 5-7 Big 12 records last season, but keep up the Texas work, Congressman.

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