Mike Rowe Perfectly Detailed His “Sad Privilege” of Telling the Stories of Men Lost at Sea

The narrator of “Deadliest Catch,” Mike Rowe, answered a question from a fan in regards to “The Destination” sea crab boat that was lost in the Bering Sea.

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The fan wrote, “Hello mike, have you heard about the DESTINATION going down in the Bering Sea losing all its crew members? All of deadliest catch are paying tribute to them. Just curious why you haven’t mentioned this tragic news?”

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Rowe responded by telling a story from the very first season of “Deadliest Catch,” in which another boat had gone down, calling it a “wake-up call.”

“I remember how I felt when it finally sunk in that six men had actually gone into the water. ‘Wait – what the hell? That was not in the script!'” he wrote. “I remember how I felt when it became clear that five of those men were lost forever. It felt so unreal. I remember the feeling, because that’s exactly how I feel right now, as I read about the circumstances surrounding the fate of The Destination, and the six men now lost to The Bering Sea.”

Rowe then went on to explain why he has not commented on the tragedy yet.

“I guess I haven’t said anything yet because talking about it makes it real – and I’ve been hoping it’s not. Fact is, I’ve never met the crew of The Destination, and I’m sorry that I never will,” he said. “But I know many of their friends, and I know that sometime very soon, it will be my privilege – my sad privilege – to tell you about their lives, on a TV show that tries hard to capture the reality of what it means to fish for crab on The Bering Sea. For now, though, there’s nothing to do but keep their families and their friends in our thoughts and prayers. And maybe remind ourselves, that every day, really is a gift.”

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